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Dolní Břežany

Until the end of the 20th century, Dolní Břežany was an ordinary Central Bohemian agricultural village with about a thousand inhabitants. Under socialism, the historic centre of the village was completely neglected, the population stagnated and even dropped in the 1980s.

The general appearance of the village did not improve much even after 1989, when property was privatised and restituted. Land changed owners, developers bought up in bulk. The result was a dramatic urban development of the village with a sharp increase in the number of inhabitants moving from Prague to the countryside for a better quality of life and a healthier environment. With the growing number of inhabitants, the demands on the village increased as well. Adequate services and infrastructure were needed for the citizens.

Representatives of the municipality decided to solve the task of improving the municipality conceptually based on the needs of it’s citizens. Thanks to cooperation with renowned town planners, a community project was created, which will provide its inhabitants and visitors with everything they need, while maintaining the spirit of rural community. The future vision of Dolní Břežany has become a successful, prosperous village, attractive to both it’s residents and visitors, neat, clean, comfortable living and leisure, with reliable technical infrastructure and helpful management. This idea is gradually being fulfilled today. A new face of Dolní Břežany is being born. The modern square has naturally become the centre of the village. The recultivation of unsightly landfill was created and the project was awarded the title of best housing construction in the Czech Republic in 2010. Nové náměstí maintains the historical part of the village and provides the necessary space for business and services.

Dolní Břežany

It is a community of representatives from companies, municipalities, non-profit organisations, and other entities that have a vested interest in the development of a particular territory. The advantage of the LAG is that it works from the ground up, that is, the region’s development initiative is based on its inhabitants. Supported projects are mostly selected by local authorities and people who know the needs of the area. Thus, the LAG allows its inhabitants to decide on the development of the region in which they live rather than the central authorities.

The activity of selected LAGs is financed from the Rural Development Program (RDP), which ensures these activities are undertaken for the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Their main task is to mediate grants and subsidies for natural and legal persons operating in the territory served by the LAG. The LAG publishes calls for local grant applicants, provides consultations, advisory services, administration, evaluation and project selection for funding. In addition, they are actively involved in events in the region through various information events either as an organiser or as a partner.

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