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Corso Břežany

The brand “Corso Břežany” is synonymous with the new concept of shops and services within the project Centrum Dolní Břežany, which was completed in 2009. Part of the project is to connect the public village centre space – the square and its surroundings – with the commercial use of existing buildings.

We believe that due to the current appearance of the environment and the population composition, in conjunction with the action of important foreign investors and companies, it is advisable to reflect on the requirements for improvements of the living space.

We will therefore be able to enjoy Dolní Břežany even more!

5000 m² +

commercial area

40 +

commercial shop

5000 +

client’s per day

The art of public space

 The quality of public space significantly affects not only the appearance of cities and municipalities, but also their functioning and prosperity. An example of this is the village of Dolní Břežany. Representative and generous spaces allow you to participate in social events and enable a wide range of activities. This is not the limit however, the public space is being improved by the art, and continuously there is a very interesting collection of contemporary sculpture in the open air.


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Exhibitions and public social events

In cooperation with the municipality and SVJ (Community of owners of residential and non-residential units), we are preparing a unique exhibition space for you within Corso Břežany and the surrounding area.

Partners in the development of Dolnobřežanska